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Welcome to Olive Secondary.

‘Olive Secondary is an Islamic School in Bradford for both Boys and Girls in separate facilities.' Olive Secondary is open to both Muslim and non-Muslim students. ' The school was founded in recognition of the need for the provision of a broad system of educational excellence; one that would meet the demands of parents who want their children to be equipped with the necessary skills and moral qualities to prepare them for tomorrow’s world. This is verified by the saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, which is narrated by Amr ibn Sa’id (or Sa’id ibn al-Aas) that Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said: A Parent Gives Their Child Nothing Better Than A Good Education (Collected by Tirmidhi and Bayhaqi)

Upcoming Events

World Book Week 

W/C 3rd March 2014

YR 10 Work Experience

W/C 10th March 

Science Week

W/C 17th March

IS/NC Staff Assessments

W/C 24th March 2014

A very important message to our students - Olive Says NO to Bullying! Together we aim to ensure all children and young people are equipped to recognise and challenge bullying behaviour wherever it happens - whether face to face or in cyberspace.