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Careers Programme Olive Secondary

At Olive Secondary Boys & Girls School each student is encouraged to set their sights high for their future. In order to help them prepare for college, university and the world of employment, we provide regular careers guidance in school.

Careers Programme Summarised below:

Year 7:

  • Students engage in weekly lessons of Social/Emotional aspects of learning
  • Participate with Bradford College in an interactive workshop to consider the importance of skills and decision making in “Jobs Versus Careers” for Yr7/8
  • Students practice CV Writing for Yr7/8

Year 8:

  • Students learn how to set challenging, realistic learning goals with targets and action points to support their achievement in SEAL
  • Professional Speakers from recognised institutes deliver guidance on Careers

Year 9:

  • Engage in a variety of sessions of Practical Study skills, including Time Management, raising aspiration, guidance on making an informed choice and employment skills.

Year 10:

  • Students participate in Work Experience at various organisations
  • Student use this experience to assess and plan future career ideas

Year 11:

  • Representatives from professional organisations are invited in to speak to students about various Careers/ Apprenticeships etc
  • Research into what results and subjects are needed to further their career
  • 1 to 1 support is given to each student. 


Olive Secondary Schools are currently Enrolling students for the Academic Year 2019-20. Download an application form here.

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