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Sabah Mir

My daughter attends this school & I must say she Has been well equipped for her GCSEs and life beyond. She has been given ample opportunities to do her best and excel in various extra curricular activities. Very impressed with standard of education

Sabah Hussain

A well-balanced and broad education. Olive instils within us strong British values in correlation to our faith. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this institution. I would highly recommend both parents and students to visit/attend this school.

Aisha Mohammed

Olive prepares our children for living in the 21st century Britain by imparting fundamentals of mutual respect, integrity and continuous improvement.
The hard efforts of the members of this institute is shining forth in our local communities.

Azba Iqbal

This is a sick school. best years of my life I wish I was a student forever my heart will always be connected to olive. this is my home and will always be. I am very proud of my institute.

Aaminah Patel

I went to see the school and i was pleased.
Students were amazing 
Not a single teacher ignored anyone 
I recommend this to anyone who wants to send their child to a nurturing environment


This school is an amazing place. It provides everything a child needs to enhance their future and help them achieve their dreams and goals...

Sohieb Mir

A pioneering educational organisation leading the way in education using different techniques to encourage an excellent educational experience and fulfilling educational needs. Thank you Olive for equipping young adults with knowledge and skills for life.

Shahan Jamil

Excellent school. Been here 5 years and has been good throughout.

Gohar Rehman

Mashallah this has got to be one of the best madrassah(s) established in Bradford. Olive offers to make sure your child is kept off the streets as well as given an understanding on the types of people out there, including what is right and wrong; by sending your child to Olive not only will they gain a stable approach towards national curriculum but also the right atmosphere.

Halima Shabir

Well established educational facilities understanding the needs of local communities and young adults alike.

Muhammad Mulla

A life changing experience for my son. Deffo recommend.

Tauheed Saeed

Mashallah very good school with excellent, caring and dedicated teachers. Not only the teachers but study wise its out standing

Yaseen Mustafa

Alhamdullilah 5 year been a really good experience for and I thank all the teachers very much especially ustaad ibraheem and shoayb

Sohail Khan

Mashallah very good school with excellent, caring and dedicated teachers

Bilaal Khan

Good school mashallah been there for 5 years👍👍👍

Murad Shah

👍👌 mashallah good school

Junaid Khan

Excellent school mashallah.!

Asif Miah

Its a wonderful school to attend

Habeebah Nauman

Great effort to educate the youth

Hannah Hussain

Great School, staff and students are freindly

Khadija Kola



Olive Secondary Schools are currently Enrolling students for the Academic Year 2019-20. Download an application form here.

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