Olive Secondary has excellent standards of attendance and punctuality. Regular attendance is important, and absence should be restricted to the unavoidable. It is a legal requirement that schools keep accurate records of student attendance.

Absence due to illness

All parents are requested to contact the school office in the morning if your son is unable to attend school due to an illness.

If the absence affects subsequent days, then please contact us in the morning.

Request for absence

Request for absence must be given advance in writing. The headteacher will approve or deny request for absence on a case-to-case basis.

Please note: Holidays should be booked during school holidays.

Authorised & Unauthorised Absence

The law requires that all schools must show the difference between authorised and unauthorised absence.

Examples of absence which would be authorised by the school are:


Medical or dental appointments which cannot be arranged outside school hours

Exceptional circumstances such as bereavement

Examples of absence which we would regard as unauthorised are:


Staying at home to look after younger children or sick relatives


Resting after a late night

Relatives visiting or visiting relatives

Any absence about which the school has not been informed by letter and approved


Students are expected to come to school on time. All lates are recorded and managed by the attendance & punctuality manager. 


Olive Secondary Schools are currently Enrolling students for the Academic Year 2019-20. Download an application form here.

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